Having offices in Milan does not, on its own, qualify a company to work in the fashion world. In years of major contracts and consistently excellent results, we have worked with the most prestigious Italian and international brands to create the most exclusive fashion shows and productions.

Events & Conventions

From the moment that Star Service was set up, creating events has been a source of pride for us; adapting materials and tools to the constantly new needs of the various companies is a challenge that we face daily in accordance and in synergy with the foremost agencies and the most demanding creative talents.

Live Performances & Concerts

Our whole story began with our passion for music and Star Service has always had a special regard for live performances, whether they involve music, theatre or dance.

Trade Shows & Fairs

We have often been asked to create high-level stands and exhibitions, taking our expertise into the halls of trade shows or amongst the pavilions of trade fairs and guaranteeing the utmost reliability of the equipment installed.

Star Service was established in 1985, by three brothers who were all enthusiastic musicians; the company was therefore an evolution of a business that had already started in 1979 as a hobby just for fun. 

We soon appreciated the great potential of the variegated world of live communication, and concentrated our investments mainly in the field of conventions, fashion and corporate events.

Loudspeakers, mixers, microphones, lights and consoles – each detail has been carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality. This also applies to crucial logistic infrastructures such as motor vehicles, warehouses and offices. 

What makes our company special is our ongoing commitment to training and developing young technical and warehouse staff members, alongside a continuously expanding office.

With a view to offering an increasingly more complete service, we have made major acquisitions in the field of video projection, LED screens, graphic and television production, as well as streaming and video overall. 

Supported by an expert and agile group of staging specialists, we are able to create events of any size, handling all the technical aspects of each project. 

MAY 2024


the Y array has arrived

The acquisition of new D&B products continues.

After having equipped our warehouse with a large number of POINT SOURCE products (E-Y-V), a new line array has arrived.

It joins the already existing systems with the clear aim of provide our customers with top-quality alternatives.

New D&B V subs and D40 amplifiers complete the equipment.

December 2023


New arrivals in Star Service

A sensational new YAMAHA DM7 arrived just a few weeks ago. It is a top range sound mixer likely to become the new standard for all music and other productions, in the field of professional sound systems.

We at Star Service are happy to continue a long journey undertaken with YAMAHA since the advent of digital systems: PM5, M7CL, DM2000, and then with the new CL and QL models.

Thorough knowledge of all the models and familiarity with the DANTE protocol ensures the highest sound control, integrated with a system of networks and redundant flows, to guarantee reliability and excellent results with regard to the ability to rapidly and safely set up the equipment but also, and perhaps above all, to achieve indisputably excellent sound outputs.  

For information, requests or assistance

Our offices are open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm. As all our present customers already know, outside these times, the time and commitment we dedicate is always in direct proportion to the quality of the service we wish to provide.

Warehouse & offices

Via Giordano Colombo, 11
20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)